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After being fortunate to hone my communication skills under great mentors as a branding creative, I am now devoted to using these skills to to create content that improve lives and brings about a kinder world.  With this in mind,  I launched with a great team The Peace Entertainment Project, Inc. – PEPSTAR – which is a non profit that supports filmmakers, artists, educators and peace builders who inspire hearts and minds and promote peace. We offer fiscal sponsorship that enables these important projects to raise tax deductible donations, a big advantage. Whether you are a creator or a supporter, we invite you to join us as we educate, elevate and entertain for the greater good.

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Below is an essay I wrote that was featured by the Ahimsa Center for Non-Violence in Thought and Action at Cal Poly Pomona where my film Admissions was presented.

Love Being

During troubling, disempowering times, it is nice to know there is a safe haven we can retreat to where we can regain control over our life. No matter what is happening in the world, our mind is always our best refuge, because it is the one place where we get to call all the shots. When we choose to exercise this fundamental control that we all possess, we begin to wield our greatest power: the power to choose our reaction to the world. As we learn to think independent of external circumstance, we transform our life into a school. We can now utilize our experiences each day as teachers that allow us to practice being the love beings we were created to be. This way our time on earth becomes a useful study period in which we learn what thought patterns lead to unity and peace and which ones lead to separation and suffering.

When we see ourselves as love beings in training, it becomes clear that our greatest teachers are those human beings which we find hardest to love. They show us what we need to work on most in the wise curriculum we have chosen while living in our temporary dorm called earth. People and their different points of view can now serve as study aids that allow us to learn what other kinds of thoughts and actions lead to, without having to think or act that way ourselves. This enables us to save lots of time while also receiving an invaluable schooling about our own state of mind.

A good example of this is when we are confronted with a bully. If we are in a weakened state and are not feeling compassion for all living beings, we will know by the way we let bullies have a negative effect on us. But if we are feeling strong and react with Gandhian loving kindness, then we have transformed the bully into a challenging mid-term exam that we just aced. We have also demonstrated mastery of the transcendent skills of a healer, life’s most rewarding career. Luckily, when we open our heart in this fashion, our vision improves and the positive way forward becomes clear. We see that bullies suffer most of all because they are soaking in the negative energy they put out into the world. What their victims experience periodically, bullies experience non-stop and, consequently, are in a perpetual state of pain and weakness. The best way to assist them then is to operate independent of their low vibration thought patterns, and give them a helping hand up, like the love being you truly are.

This is why in the final analysis, the world’s most powerful figures are not authoritarian heads of state or dictators that rule vast territories. The most powerful people of all are those that conquer their own mind and put it in healing service to the greater good, and get to graduate this world as love beings. Fortunately for us all, these inspiring folks are easy to identify. They are the ones who love being alive.


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