Feature Comedy

Madvertising is designed to be a vehicle for hilarious social commentary. The goal is to demonstrate the healing value of a good sense of humor and show that, by laughing at ourselves and the absurdity of life, we are able to get past our egos, decompress, and lower the blood pressure of society at large.

Revenue Potential:  Madvertising is a strong candidate for sequels similar to lucrative comedy franchises like MEET THE FOCKERS – $515,291,929 worldwide – and THE HANGOVER – $467,483,912 worldwide.


Feature Film

Jaywalk is designed to cultivate appreciation and understanding between the East and the West and show how love can blossom across cultures, continents and broken families when one has an open heart and a forgiving mind.

Revenue Potential: Because of its flattering portrayal of Eastern culture and its Asian female lead character, Jaywalk is positioned to attract audiences and sell as effectively in Asian countries as it does in Western countries.


Feature Film

The Present is an uplifting dramatic feature film that addresses the perennial questions of humankind and offers an inspiring new approach to the quest to find meaning in our lives.

Revenue Potential:  The Present was created to heal some of the rampant fear around death that affects all human beings, regardless of age, culture, religion, ethnicity or nationality. Because of its empowering universal message, the film has the potential to attract a wide-ranging, cross-cultural audience.

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