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Achieving lasting peace is not just about changing our world.

It is about changing our minds about the world.

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After my parents went through a very contentious divorce when I was 15 years old, I began suffering from severe Cluster Migraine Headaches. They plagued me until I was 31 years old, when out of desperation, I eventually dove into spiritual teachings for help after Western medicine had little impact. These excruciating headaches are nicknamed “suicide headaches” because they come in large clusters that last months at a time, eventually building to a crescendo of one every day before slowly tapering off. They would come in clusters of anywhere from 40 to 60 headaches at a time and were the curse of my late teen years and young adulthood.

After healing my unhealthy emotional and mental states with the guidance of daily spiritual studies focused on mental discipline, kindness, and compassion, the headaches finally disappeared after 15 years. To express my gratitude, I devoted myself to sharing the uplifting teachings that have been so transformational to my life through filmmaking, storytelling, books, global peace initiatives, and original music. I made this my goal in life so others could benefit from these transformational perspectives as well. My 20-minute film about forgiveness, Admissions, was my first offering. My theme song in the end credits, “The Time Is Now”, was a finalist in the Global Peace Song Awards.

Admissions has won over 30 International Awards and stars Academy Award® nominee, James Cromwell. The film has been translated into German, Hebrew, Italian, Farsi, Arabic, and Spanish, and broadcast to 80 million homes worldwide. Admissions continues to play all over the world and is part of the acclaimed curriculum of The Stanford University Forgiveness Project which teaches forgiveness in conflict zones.

Inspired by the positive impact of Admissions,  I have created a diverse catalog of film and television projects, original music, books, a YouTube positive message shorts campaign, a transformational play for peace, and an uplifting email campaign called The Muscles of Peace 60 Second Workout. I also co-founded a non-profit,, which creates platforms for promoting the global Culture of Peace, including a proposed United Nations Muscles of Peace Global Resolution that I helped draft that supports the establishment of Ministries and Departments of Peace in governments worldwide. I then founded The Peace Entertainment Project, Inc. (, a second non-profit that supports social impact filmmakers who create uplifting content that “promotes the kind in humankind.”

I warmly invite you to scroll down and explore these projects and have fun building your muscles of peace. To help in this process, you might consider subscribing to my free YouTube Shorts Campaign, PepTalk4 Humanity, and/or my free email campaign, The Muscles of Peace 60-Second Workout, both of which have links below. The writings in both campaigns are based on the positive perspectives which healed my headaches and that are also presented in my two books.

When we develop the strength and the wisdom to change ourselves, we change our world.

PepTalk4Humanity is an inspiring YouTube Shorts campaign I created to deliver uplifting pep talks that instantly raise your spirits. By subscribing and sharing, you will help me continue to provide new shorts on a weekly basis. When you help spread these optimistic messages, you are directly affecting the thousands of people who will receive these pep talks and whose mood and outlook will be altered in a positive and enduring manner.


“ For anyone looking to change their mind into a trusted ally in the search for enduring peace and happiness, Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity receives our highest recommendation.”

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. & Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky, Ph.D. – Founders of Attitudinal Healing International


A profound, deeper dive into Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity.

“Soul enriching, life-enhancing wisdom at your fingertips. See what grand feelings and spiritual enlightenments organically materialize in your life…”

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Our Peace Entertainment non-profit offers fiscal sponsorship and support to social impact filmmakers who promote kindness and peace.


Our non-profit creates powerful platforms for promoting the global Culture of Peace, including a proposed United Nations Global Resolution that supports the establishment of ministries and Departments of Peace in governments around the world.


A spiritual strengthening email campaign that presents free weekly exercises in deep breathing and kind-hearted thinking that promote inner peacebuilding. Please click the link above to receive 104 weeks of inspiring wisdom.


A powerful short film currently in pre-production that will tackle the devastating plague of the digital age, cyberbullying.


A short film project in pre-production that addresses the opioid epidemic by taking the audience on a healing journey into the heart of addiction.


An inspiring film-based workshop on the intersection of peace and forgiveness presented in collaboration with The Stanford University Forgiveness Project.


A short animated film project designed to help heal racism and xenophobia and promote global unity. 


Soulful original songs for films & television series spanning a variety of genres.


An unforgettable “play for peace” that merges profound teachings, high drama, social activism, and original music.

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“John Viscount cross-references a plethora of spiritual teachings and covers everything from perceptions of disease to reflections on laughter with great insight and levity. Through his joyous and love-infused narrative, John uplifts the human condition from the muck and mire of the mundane to tap every individual’s potential to experience heaven-on-earth.”

Review of “Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity.”

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Some parting wisdom to say thank you for visiting my website:

Love Being

1) You are a love being.”  This means you are not just the love in your heart – you are love itself. All the great teachers and teachings throughout history confirm this, so embrace, celebrate, and thoroughly enjoy the beautiful reality of what you truly are.

2) Forgive yourself. When you let go of your guilt, there is no longer any need to project it out in the form of an attack. When you don’t attack, you don’t have to fear being counterattacked. This is when lasting peace begins.

3) Common ground is the only place peace and love endure. Therefore, always seek unity.

4) Heaven is joining. Hell is separation. Lovingly avoid any type of thinking or action that makes you an agent of separation.

5) There are no justified grievances. They only make life hellish. To re-enter a heavenly state of mind at any time, let go of all grievances.

6) You are teaching every moment. How you think and act confirms what you believe yourself to be so always remember to come from love. When you forget, forgive yourself without delay because this will put you back into a loving state.

7) Everyone is both teacher and student. Embrace each role with grace and gratitude.

8) There is only one of two things that is ever really happening in the world. People are either expressing love or they’re crying out for love. So the perfect response, every time, is to be loving. Then you can surrender the outcome and sit back and enjoy watching life unfold.

9) Retrain your mind. Learning to consistently come from love instead of fear can take time. The goal is to eventually build that mental muscle up so strong that you effortlessly respond with love to everything you see in the world. This is when life itself is transformed.

10) Every relationship is ultimately a relationship with yourself. Treat yourself and those around you with love and you will love being alive. 

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