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“This exquisitely written book overflows with the kind of transformational wisdom, inspired storytelling and unexpected humor that leads to joyful communion with our higher self. For anyone looking to change their mind into a trusted ally in the search for enduring peace and happiness, “Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity” receives our highest recommendation.”

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. & Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky, Ph.D,

Founders of Attitudinal Healing International

“Impressively well written, organized and presented, “Mind What Matters: A Pep Talk for Humanity” is an extraordinary, effective, inspired and inspiring contribution to personal, professional, and community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.”

Midwest Book Review

Mind What Matters is, as John Viscount puts it, “the next stage” on his quest for peace and happiness. Drawing from his experiences and the historical accounts of others, Viscount’s spiritual-guideline narrative addresses how peace and happiness can be achieved through mindfulness. Viscount covers common but pertinent human concepts that have been hot topic conundrums since the beginning of recorded human history. Topics range from simple to complex, such as hope, joy, love, laughter, and kindness, to death, intolerance, struggle, and war. In a simplified format, attaining peace and happiness is a learned practice — a mind-over-matter situation — of not allowing external circumstances to dictate one’s choices. Viscount closes each chapter with upbeat exhortations to practice and thought provoking quotes on which to ruminate.

Creator of the award-winning short film for peace entitled “Admissions”, https://www.peacenow.com/admissions/ -Viscount has captured his spiritual experiences and musings and placed them in written form to offer help and encouragement to others. His narrative is very engaging and non-threatening. A combination of first, second, and third voices, the encounters, whether personal or otherwise, that he shares about the human journey, garner a positive reader response, and segue seamlessly to his light but nonetheless challenging exhortations that can be very life changing if taken to heart. For example, on the issue of struggling, he offers this piece of advice:  “Today, take a look at the headaches and mindaches in your life and listen to what they are telling you. Better yet, listen to what you are telling you.” While Viscount presents a plethora of excellent and extremely helpful food for thought, religious critics may find his viewpoint on heaven “as a state of mind” leaning more toward some strange New Age ethereal thinking. Clearly, Viscount’s narrative requires readers to keep an open mind. Yet his portrayals of the human journey are purely realistic and down to earth. Very insightful and thought provoking, Mind What Matters truly offers answers in the quest for peace and happiness.

Red City Literary Magazine Review

Amazon Customer Reviews 

5.0 out of 5 stars  This book is a gold mine.
I ordered a kindle copy of John Viscount’s book immediately after watching his amazingly profound film “Admissions.” I felt that anyone who could write a script that says, “You were created from love for the sole purpose of love” had to have some pretty deep and meaningful insights to share. I wasn’t disappointed.  The book is so skillfully and eloquently written that it scrolled by way too quickly. Wanting to savor the experience, I ordered a printed copy and read it a second time, and then a third time, relishing the feeling of it and underlining the poignant points. “Mind What Matters – A Pep Talk for Humanity” is a gold mine with many hidden nuggets buried beneath the surface. Although the writing is extremely brilliant, it’s quite accessible and that makes it very special.
5.0 out of 5 stars   Unpretentious and Inspirational.
There are innumerable books written about how to live better and more meaningfully. Some are strident in their tone. Others offer complicated and sometimes confusing templates for overhauling one’s life. John Viscount does neither of those. He writes in a disarming fashion, with stories and gentle suggestions born of his own trials and challenges. He rightly notes that it is very difficult to “see more clearly” if one’s mind is closed in on itself. It was in facing serious health problems and other adversities that he was challenged to open his own mind and search for more effective ways to cope and function. This book is largely the result of those discoveries and how they helped him change his own life. Using this learning he then offers the reader thoughtful suggestions on how to do likewise.
This is a relaxing but engrossing book free from excessive jargon and officious direction. The chapters are topical and written in a storytelling fashion that makes their points very effectively. Each is followed by “Voices,” a brief collection of quotes from well-known writers and teachers that reiterate his points. In this gentle fashion, he challenges the reader to look beyond the familiar and discover living more mindfully and enjoyably. Indeed, his Chapter, “Laughter Is The Sound Of Good Health” injects a note of healthy humor that is meant to help the reader from falling into the trap of being too solemn about self-improvement. His admonition to “be careful how you dial the phone” makes this point in a disarmingly amusing fashion. Those on a journey toward more mindful, enjoyable living would do well to explore this book.
5.0 out of 5 stars  One of the best books I’ve ever read!
The author is truly a gifted writer. He weaves complex messages in an easy to grasp, simple manner. He effectively uses humor so this does not read like a text book. I highly recommend this book for spiritual oriented readers and those just curious. These positive messages are critically important for use in daily living. One of the best books I’ve ever read.
5.0 out of 5 stars  I loved John’s storytelling and messaging.
This book rejuvenates the soul. I loved how artfully John’s storytelling and messaging gave thought to being mindful and how his analogies were so thoughtful. When I read about how mindfulness can turn any endeavor into a meaningful experience it reminded me of how I am in a zen-like state either at the gym or on a run. While I am performing a repetitive motion and my activity doesn’t require too much thought, I am so relaxed. My mind takes me to a peaceful place and I’m soothing my body and soul. One of my favorite sections in the book is the analogy of mindfulness to art: Your canvas is your state of consciousness. Moods are your colors. Thoughts are your brush strokes. Happiness is your finished masterpiece.” WOW!
5.0 out of 5 stars   I love the way this book makes me feel.
I love the way this book makes me feel about the “mechanics” of my everyday life…..the opportunity to celebrate small wonders. This “Pep Talk For Humanity” actually delivers. I am reminded that we are surrounded by Love Beings and have the perfect excuse to love them back. Life just works better when I keep “Mind What Matters” handy and revisit the pearls offered up in it. This work is a treasure trove of healthy insights.
I am grateful to have found Mr. Viscount’s book.
5.0 out of 5 stars  What a great handbook for life.
What a great handbook for life! I am a Conversations With God Life Coach (one of only a handful chosen by the author, Neale Donald Walsch) and I recommend this wonderful book to my clients who are somewhat stuck in their thinking. To paraphrase CWG, to be truly happy we must be out of our minds… pun intended! I have also been blessed to come to know the author of this book, John Viscount, and he certainly walks his talk. He works tirelessly to make our planet a better place for all. Support him and do yourself a favor and buy this book!
5.0 out of 5 stars  Inspiring, timeless, and transformative!
This book hooked me with the opening line and throughout the book I found myself drawn to the personal, honest, and genuine approach. John’s writing was therapeutic and cathartic for me and I would expect this to be the case for most readers. In fact, some may find this the cheapest form of therapy on the market! There are so many lines that strike a chord that I think one should take their time reading this book. For me a big take away was to be “in the right mind” and recognize when I’m in the “wrong mind”. I was also very drawn to the power of forgiveness and the notion that we have significant control over our responses to our life experiences. This is a wonderfully simplistic book, yet the principles are challenging to adopt fully in your life. John has woven numerous timeless quotes and synthesized them into coherent chapters under different themes. The book creatively connects religious beliefs, philosophy, and mindfulness together. John is a self described spiritual mutt, which should resonate with those wary of religious proselytizing. I would give this book as a gift to my friends and family if it was available in non-digital format. This book is transformative and inspiring. You should be in the right mind when reading this and be open to the passages, as a skeptic may find some parts of the book as lofty or too idealistic. However, this would be short-sided and blind to the examples throughout the book, such as the “Christmas Miracle” that prove peace, harmony, and forgiveness are not only realistic, but have been achieved throughout history. I could go on, but you shouldn’t waste time reading my review. Buy Mind What Matters now and take the time to experience it. You won’t be disappointed and you may just find yourself in the “right mind” more often.
5.0 out of 5 stars   A MUST READ! The book that can change your life and how you look at everything!
I’m a big fan of John Viscount’s work. John has a unique way of looking at wherever there is suffering in the world and writing about it in a way that inspires people to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. “Mind What Matters” is like a candy store of inspiration to help you get through anything life has put in front of you while guiding you to a peaceful place of happiness. My first introduction to John was through his short film, “Admissions” which, like this book, should be a requirement for everyone!
5.0 out of 5 stars  Wonderful Read.
Viscount’s method of wrapping positive teachings in storytelling makes “Mind What Matters” an entertaining, funny and inspiring read. Its a perfect piece for anyone, but especially those seeking to focus on their own mindfulness, and makes a perfect gift for a friend who would never pick up a “spiritual” or “new age” book. Highly recommended as a companion piece to his short film, “Admissions”.
5.0 out of 5 stars  Everyone can discover something useful in this book.
This book is a quick read, but a very valuable read nonetheless. The author sought out wisdom from the ages to deal with his own challenges and passes it on for our benefit with great clarity and enthusiasm. While some of the points will no doubt be familiar, you may still find they elude your consciousness as you go about your days. At least that’s what I’ve found. But John Viscount’s words have a long shelf life. I often find them ringing in my ears and helping me move back to a more gracious and productive mindset.
5.0 out of 5 stars  Simple yet profound, a must read.
Mind What Matters: A Pep Talk for Humanity by John Viscount meant a lot to me.
Every succinct, understandable chapter added insight for me — a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, neighbor, dialogue facilitator, and human being.
John captures the most basic yet deepest wisdom for living a day at its spiritual best.
Always profound cover-to-cover, Viscount’s how-to book exudes humor in rich stories that helped me see the simplicity of making every-day choices for a meaningful Life with a big L.
John makes our most important decisions obvious and doable.
Mind What Matters continues reminding me to ask the big, useful questions morning, afternoon, and evening long after finishing the book.
For instance, the chapter War is Never Holy caused me to explore where I am at war and that I’m not finished but still becoming more and better
This original treasure is for anyone desiring a happier, more meaningful Life rich with loving relationships and moving toward being one’s very best and highest.
5.0 out of 5 stars  A rare gem.
This is one of those rare books that keep its honorary place on your night stand for years. I find myself coming back to the book over and over. Every chapter is like an onion, simple shape on the surface but has layers and layers of depth. There is magical quality about this book – I open it up on the random page and always find it relevant to the current circumstances of my life and it shows me a meaning that I haven’t seen before.
The book is a true find for both a novice and experienced spiritual seeker. I feel that there isn’t a single person that wouldn’t benefit in some way from reading it.
5.0 out of 5 stars   John has an amazing ability to make you feel good.
This book is truly inspirational. John has an amazing ability to make you feel good and want to be a better person. At the end of each chapter he has a page called “Voices” that are quotes from others……..some very famous…..others not to me but they are so thought provoking…e.g. “Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” Herman Hesse.
5.0 out of 5 stars   I thoroughly enjoyed John Viscount’s “Mind What Matters.
I thoroughly enjoyed John Viscount’s “Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity.” He has a wondrous way of imparting truly high teaching in a very accessible manner. Much well-earned wisdom indeed.
5.0 out of 5 stars  Each time I picked up this book I was lifted.
John Viscount is a thoughtful writer with a beautiful way with words. And, his book truly is a pep talk for humanity. The chapter headings, each in itself a tweetable quote, drew me in like an invitation, including “Heart is Mind’s Greatest Teacher,” “Celebration is High Art,” “Let Go to Get a Better Grip,” and my personal favorite “Forgiveness is the World’s Most Advanced Technology.” I mean, yes! He dissects each idea in a fresh, interesting and anecdotal way that left me thinking about what else will come from John Viscount’s mind. It matters. His is a voice that needs to be heard. Read the book to see why.
5.0 out of 5 stars  “Finding the peace that passes all understanding with John Viscount’s book…. MIND WHAT MATTERS.”
MIND what matters, is a book that will stay in your heart and mind forever! It is a wonderful guide on how to live a life filled with love, joy, peace, and philanthropy! John Viscount’s gathers all the powerful thoughts, visions, quotes, and messages from the “super hero’s’ through out time! When all this is mixed with John’s personal powerful insights, one receives a magical guide on how to live a more fulfilling, peaceful, and joyful life. This book will give you the key to finding that peace that passes all understanding!
5.0 out of 5 stars  This book is the best medicine for anyone searching for answers.
John Viscount’s book Mind What Matters is a must read for anyone who walks the face of this earth! He is a master in the art of true philosophy and wisdom. This book is the best medicine for anyone searching for answers to all life’s challenges. As he eloquently states, “the perfect response every time, in any circumstance, is to be loving. And, when you’re loving, forgiveness comes naturally. Life is much easier this way!” Truer words have never been spoken. I encourage anyone to please read this book. Your life will change and you will be a happier person!
5.0 out of 5 stars  One of the best self-help books I ever read.
One of the best self-help books i ever read. Helps you to understand why people are what they are and how no matter how hard you try, you can’t change them. Very soothing. has helped me through many tough times and help me realize why people did certain things to me and how i can better handle the situation. Must read. Send it to the Mid East and calm them all down.
5.0 out of 5 stars  Mind What Matters.
Great stuff from Mr. Viscount, very inspiring! Thought provoking, great insight and unique perspective. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.
5.0 out of 5 stars  Words for the soul.
John Viscount has written a book that really speaks to the soul. He is able to capture meaningful stories of hardship that address the important things in life without a heavy-handed approach. I find that I feel uplifted when I read this book and hopeful about humanity. I highly recommend reading this it will touch your heart!
5.0 out of 5 stars  Please consider.
Some serious thoughts, yet an easy read! Thoroughly enjoyed!
5.0 out of 5 stars  Inspirational.
Viscount brings together many memorable quotes from a multitude of historical figures to reinforce his points. I found his book to be quite inspirational.
5.0 out of 5 stars  This book MATTERS!
In this book, John Viscount cross-references a plethora of spiritual teachings and covers everything from perceptions of disease to reflections on laughter with great insight and levity. Through his joyous and love-infused narrative, John uplifts the human condition from the muck and mire of the mundane to every individual’s potential to experience heaven-on-earth. This is an inspirational read, with every page infused with seeds of awakening.
5.0 out of 5 stars  A Wise Man!
In this ambitious work, John Viscount endeavors to ascertain the existence of a mind set to create a positive aura around oneself and others. He does this with well thought out versus and concepts on life, that are recognized as sometimes obvious by us, just not often practiced.
The author’s writing is eloquent yet understandable. He uses translations of real life events liberally to illustrate his contentions, thereby providing a balanced, well-documented work whose thoughts could be arrived at by others through the use of the ideology supplied. It’s intelligently written and contains amusing stories from his life.
I found this book to be a wonderful achievement with a powerful philosophical approach on life and it’s terms.
5.0 out of 5 stars   Love this new book!

If you are on a free and responsible search for truth and meaning in your life, you will love and be changed by the wisdom of contemporary mystic and author John Viscount’s Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity. On my digital shelf, it stands next to Indie Spirituality, Outrageous Openness, and Red Hot and Holy. Like these contemporary spiritual authors, John Viscount draws from various personal, cultural, religious, and spiritual sources to make timeless wisdom accessible for living an open-hearted and mindful modern life. There is a palpable generosity and gentle directness in John Viscount’s writing. His humor, humility, and personal stories made me feel as though I was sitting and talking with him over coffee. His knowledge, wisdom, and personal transformations made me think I was listening to a great Unitarian Universalist sermon, TED Talk, or PBS Special. His “pep talk” inspired and challenged me in many ways. I believe our current personal, cultural, and global challenges call out for clear, wise, and compassionate voices and action: those who “talk and walk.” John Viscount is such a person, writing films, books, and plays, co-founding PeaceNow, and working with The Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for Peace. I loved Mind What Matters and look forward to seeing what this teacher and fellow seeker has to offer next.

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