Resolution Poster 2016


A Play for Peace

This unique adaptation combines the transformational modern parables Admissions, starring Academy Award© nominee, James Cromwell, and winner of 26 international awards, and The Principle, John’s modern parable that tackles cyber-bullying. Merging profound philosophical teachings, high drama and social activism into an innovative three-act play, the compelling production leads to an unforgettable Act Three featuring audience participation and a thought-provoking Q & A with John.

The discussion culminates with a presentation of The Global Resolution for the Establishment of Infrastructures that Support the Culture of Peace, which establishes Peace Departments in all the world’s governments, and the ONE BILLION-signature campaign to enact it at

Audience Member Testimonial

Katie DeHetre  – Canadian Educator

I was very affected by the performance of your play this afternoon. I am not always articulate in the moment, and so I was unable to express my sincere thanks to you at the time, but I wanted to take a few minutes to do so now. Your play moved me very much and while I felt the individual acts to be very powerful, I was most touched by the reaction of the audience and the energy in the room following the performance. I wanted to thank you for the gift that this play is. For the connections that it helps to create, for the ideas that it nurtures and for the empowerment it fosters. Most of all, I want to thank you for showing me that there is a choice, and that the choice is mine.

I identified with the storylines you created on so many levels. As an educator, I see the hate that can be carelessly and devastatingly thrown out through social media. As a mother I feel it in the way I protect my children and the emptiness I would feel if I ever lost them. It just seems so much easier to hate in the face of true loss and sorrow. Thank you for teaching me that there is another way, and that it is a lesson I need to live.

What scares me about thinking with this new and simple perspective is that I am the only one who will hold myself accountable. Perhaps that is why it is so important, because often the paths we walk alone are the ones where we find our dearest friends and make the most meaningful connections. Sometimes we don’t realize they are there until we have spent time reflecting on it.

Thank you for showing me that I have a choice. Often in this scary world, I feel lost, alienated and without power. Thank you for proving me wrong. Somehow I feel stronger after this experience.  A very wise man I once knew told me, “Always assume positive intent.” I have not thought about that phrase for a very long time. It is hard to do when you are struggling in aspects of your own life. I am taking it out of my pocket and dusting it off, now. I am going to try it back on.

Thank you for having the courage to say what needs to be said, and the talent and compassion to say it in a way that can help heal the world instead of tearing it apart further. I truly hope to participate in this movement, if only in a small way that is meaningful to myself and those whose lives I am fortunate enough to affect.

The Theme Song to The Resolution

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