In this companion piece and deeper dive into my book, “Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity,” -I use the invaluable educational tool of repetition to identify core spiritual concepts in a variety of contexts in wisdom sets I call Guideposts. These concise offerings are designed to train your mind to identify spiritual truths embodied in all experiences, no matter how different these experiences seem. This will help strengthen your ability to hold fast to what is essential and love-affirming and let go of what is temporary and illusory.

Each numbered Guidepost features a one-line question and a one-line answer, followed by a two-line reflection. They are designed to lead you on a more in-depth exploration into the corresponding “Mind What Matters” chapter being examined. They can be used for either individual or group study or as daily contemplations.


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There is everything in here for everybody. The author has created an incredibly useful reference. I have taken to keeping it bedside on my nightstand and reading one question/answer/insight every day. No particular order is necessary – I just open the book and read the first thing I see. This design is genius and makes the insights, many many of them profound and all of them clarifying, easily accessible. This is a fundamental game-changer. How can you gain insights into motivation, personal achievement, deeper thinking, human nature, etc. when you don’t have ready access to them? John Viscount has solved this problem and deserves our thanks for doing so. Keep this book close at hand. It’s easy to check, easy to read, incredibly clarifying, and even provides the reader with a solid measure of compassion. I understand! I’m understood! Thanks, John!
I was incredibly fortunate to have met John Viscount back in March of 2016 and I can’t put into words how this man impacted my life. The Mind Supplement discusses the very core of our own life’s morality. It’s enriching, thought provoking, motivating, and above all it showed me that if there’s one way to change the world, it’s with love and compassion, and he truly writes with both. John is a true beacon of hope and a spiritual master. Especially during these hard times. His writings were short, straightforward and to the point, and the format makes it very understandable for all readers. It is a book that targets any and every reader whether you’re spiritual or not and it helps you absorb what is essential and to let go of what isn’t. This is a MUST HAVE and a MUST READ by EVERYONE. One chapter, let alone one paragraph, will give you that sense of purpose and direction to move forward. It only takes a few minutes out of your day. I promise you, this book will change your life. God bless you, John Viscount!
The Mind Supplement truly is a key to unlock the love, wisdom, and spiritual treasure within Mind What Matters. So, if you are ready to dive deeper, The Mind Supplement will guide you there.I dove in and found the invitation to observe and reflect on my own life to be very satisfying; the use of different perspectives and repetition to be very supportive; and the questions and prompts to be very transformative.


I also love John Viscount’s very approachable writing, especially his humor. He, too, is very inviting. He eagerly and humbly shares what he knows from his considerable study and his own life experience as a wise brother or friend would. He clearly cares about easing the suffering of others and helping to raise human consciousness.

As a spiritual growth resource, The Mind Supplement is priceless. You can turn to any page and find a gem for contemplation, for creative expression, or for a new way to live your life. And, because it reflects the endless treasure within all of us, you can open it over and over again to discover more and more riches within the depths of your own being.

Dive in if you’re ready to grow again!

The Mind Supplement is an essential, life guiding roadmap to your truest soul! After decades of spiritual sojourns, readings, studies, teachings and life essential development, John Viscount presents his life’s journey into a tablet of developmental wisdom in simple, clear, concise scripture for “everyman” to consume and absorb.Written in short, understandable pages and paragraphs, Mr. Viscount shares his life enriching portfolio of spiritual wisdom in an easy to understand format, allowing the most advanced spiritual seeker down to the beginner, questioning life’s intricacies, to explore and absorb that which is of profound importance.


Part monk, part heavenly sage, spiritual master, teacher, cosmic comic and enlightened spirit himself, the author’s words provide a soothing balm for life’s wounds both big and small. The Mind Supplement will surely have you questioning and investigating your own life’s virtues and beliefs, motives and behaviors, and provide suggestive anecdotes, directives and spiritual and soul enriching solutions, guiding your inner being along it’s journey.

The Mind Supplement is a lifelong reference tool to carry with you in your car, briefcase, purse, backpack or, better yet, leave it on your night stand to utilize it’s power as you navigate all of life hurdles, questions and contemplations. Read selected affirmations of time tested,empowering wisdom before you sleep at night or upon awakening in the morning. See what grand feelings and spiritual enlightenments organically materialize in your life, and ultimately, enrich your soul. Select any chapter, via question and response, or “reflection” and embrace the very tenets of profound wisdom, and allow them to guide you in your journey moving forward.

Having been a fan of the author for over forty years, I can whole heartedly assure you that Mr. Viscount is not merely a poet of spiritual mandate, nor a teacher of provincial wisdom nor a beacon of light for all of humanity……he “walks the enlightened walk” and is the very essence of all that he writes, creates, composes, directs and produces. An other-worldly energy of peace, love and compassion emanates from his very existence during every fortunate encounter in his presence, every viewing of his life changing films, being immersed in his soulful catalog of music, and now his second book filled with profound, life altering teachings. Allow his words and simple wisdom of the ages to enlighten your soul and illuminate your journey onward.

A fantastic read for today’s spiritual seeker. As a relative novice to this realm of writing, I was struck by the approachability of the author’s voice. Written in short, straightforward and often witty segments, this makes for a great bedside book. The lessons are simple and easily put to use in daily life. The general theme here is that positivity and love are not only essential to life but truly at our core. The book is written in small sections easily read within a few minutes.  
Every conversation with John Viscount’s “The Mind Supplement” leaves me grateful for the talk. No matter what emotions rage or wane, gladdened and more whole I left replenished; my essence, love sparked anew. Some sample excerpts: 
pg. 92 “What keeps you warm in any weather is the sunlight in your soul radiating from the loving source from which you come.”


pg. 57 “Christmas Truce gift- The peak of human experience is the breaking down of defenses to arrive at a moment where we see other people on the battlefield of life as equal to ourselves, and fighting a hard struggle just as we are.”

pg. 154  A good way to loosen your attachment to your body – “Instead of calling it “my body,” call it “this body,” because this will remind you that you are not your body.”

pg. 45 “What is the deeper meaning of staying by our loved one’s side and walking with them wherever their sickness takes them? -By staying by their side, your loved ones never feel alone, which is a tremendous gift to any human being, whether they are sick or not.”

pg. 81 “If God is love, why would you ask for anything other than love in prayers? If God is love, then you were created from love, which makes you a love being, the most joyful form of life:.”

The Mind Supplement is one of my favorite spiritual companions and a must have for those on the path of enlightenment! It answers some of the most profound questions regarding the purpose of our human experience and puts into perspective many of the mysteries surrounding our existence. I love the simplicity in the way the author writes and delivers his very powerful message of unity. Just a few short minutes of reading gives me a sense of purpose and direction. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone curious about their life path.
Viscount has a way with words and a deep love for humanity. He helps me remember to be patient and tolerant with myself and with others. This crazy time requires nurturing.Thankfully I have the Mind Supplement to help me navigate.
A reminder of love, kindness and gratitude (and so much more) at its best. Powerful messages throughout and a wonderful way to start any day. Grateful for this beautiful gift.

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