A Film for Peace Addressing Cyber-Bullying 

Throughout history, bullying in all its forms – from schoolyard fights to catastrophic international wars – has destroyed millions of lives. Tragically, the global reach and 24-hour accessibility of today’s Internet and social media platforms make cyber-bullying an even more serious problem than traditional bullying because it affects more people and is rapidly spreading.

Cyber-bullying has now risen to dangerous levels among adolescents and teens and many are tormented on a regular basis. Often these victims are too ashamed to tell their parents or ask for help, and can develop psychological problems. Left unaddressed, some of the victims resort to suicide. Others become bullies themselves, and in their new role, create a new generation of bullies.

One of the greatest ways to capture the attention and teach our world about bullying is through film. One healing film that goes viral can quickly impact more hearts and minds than one million classes on the same subject.

In The Principle, a wise master is called upon to moderate between two teenagers – a cold-hearted cyber-bully and his tragic victim. In this unforgettable confrontation, the master delivers profound, life-changing teachings that alter both the bully’s and the victim’s destinies.

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