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After being fortunate to hone my communication skills under great mentors as a branding creative, I am now devoted to using filmmaking and storytelling to address human challenges and offer healing perspectives and teachings. My catalog includes features, television pilots, streaming series, transformational short film scripts, a play, original music, and two books. I’m currently in pre-production on my next film, The Principle, which tackles cyber-bullying and which I am also directing.

My first film about the Middle East conflict and the power of forgiveness, Admissions, won 26 International Awards and stars Academy Award® nominee, James Cromwell. The film has been translated into German, Italian, Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic, and Spanish and broadcast to 80 million homes worldwide. Additionally it is featured as part of the curriculum of The Stanford University Forgiveness Project in a workshop called, “The Story of Forgiveness.” Admissions also helped launch PeaceNow.com where I am Co-Founder and we are gathering signatures and support to promote the establishment of Ministries and Departments of Peace in governments worldwide.

To watch “Admissions”: https://pepstar.org/peace-entertainment-admissions/


Inspired by the success of Admissions,  I launched with a great team, The Peace Entertainment Project, Inc. – PEPSTAR.org. We are a non-profit that supports filmmakers, artists, authors, educators, and peacebuilders who create films and content that uplift and inspire, contribute to the global culture of peace, and “promote the kind in humankind.”

We offer fiscal sponsorship that enables these important projects to raise tax-deductible donations while retaining 100 percent ownership of their work. We operate under the belief that one positive film that goes viral can impact more hearts and minds than a million classes on the same subject. Whether you are a creator or a supporter, we invite you to join us as we educate, elevate and entertain for the greater good.

My first two short film projects at PEPSTAR address cyberbullying and opioid abuse:


      My first book features the teachings that transformed my life and which my films are based on:   

MindWhatMatters COVER

To purchase or get a free sample http://amzn.to/2nKZVDa

My second book is the companion piece and deeper dive into my first book:

To purchase or get a free sample https://amzn.to/34srK7e

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